It’s Friday, so you already know that we have our #FireFridayPlaylist ready! From Alternative R&B to Conscience Rap, this week’s playlist has a little something for everybody to enjoy. Are you an artist wanting to be featured on next week’s playlist? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @AboveAverageHH, tweet us out a link using the hashtag #FireFridayPlaylist! Who knows you may just find yourself on next week’s playlist.

Shaka Ptah – “94 Nas”

“This is 94 Nas.” 94 Nas possesses an old school feel. Which pairs extremely well with Ptah’s eloquent flow. Shaka Ptah is clearly just more than a rapper, but instead a spoken word artist/lyricist with a story to tell.

Grand Khai Feat Maseago – “Love Be Like”

Another track to add to your “Summer Feels” Playlist, I must say that Grand Khai is in a lane all on his own. Giving listeners two minutes and forty-nine seconds of welcomed surprises. The unsuspecting beat switch ups and Khai’s lyrical ability to smoothly transition from one beat to another adds an extra element of excitement.

Sabrina Claudio – “Orion’s Belt”

If you don’t feel yourself getting lost amongst the constellations on “Orion’s belt” then you are doing something wrong. The single from Sabrina Claudio’s debut EP “Confidently Lost” takes listeners on a journey. Claudio’s eerily enchanting voice guides us through a story of love, lust, and young romance.

DJ Drama Feat Chris Brown, Skeme & LyQuin – “Wishing”

DJ Drama has seamlessly created another hit with “Wishing”. Brown lends his vocals to the hook and spits a couple of bars for the first verse. Rappers LyQuin and Skeme‘s verses on the track will probably have the ladies contemplating whether or not they should leave their man. So men, be aware!

Chance the Rapper – “Juke Jam”

“Juke Jam” is off of Chance The Rapper’s highly anticipated and praised album The Coloring Book. Guitars along with Justin Beiber’s vocals give the song a chill nostalgic vibe. You can’t help but think about your old high school crush when listening to this.