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    unsigned hype

    Mellah Nix Delivers Something Different

    Mellah Nix embodies that artistic drive that not all ‘rappers’ possess; that is, he’s against the grain to the degree that suggests he creates for the sake of creating—not monetary gain (necessarily). Where many of today’s artist’s draw influence from either Pac and BIG, or — dependent on age — Drake and Soulja Boy, Mellah draws great influence from media forms such ...

    On April 22, 2017 / By
  • Untitled-2
    unsigned hype

    Bronx Rapper General Cream Drops A Dope New Mixtape

    General Cream — straight out of the home of hip-hop –hung out at the corner stores and saw the world from his building. On the corner of Gun Hill Rd and Rochambeau in the Bronx, New York, he developed his rap style by painting what he saw visually in his music. The Bronx, of course, has a lengthy history within the timeline ...

    On April 19, 2017 / By
  • IMG_5076
    unsigned hype

    AfterPxrty Drops A New Track From His Upcoming LP

    AfterPxrty — an artist/producer from Grand Rapids, Michigan has been on our site in the past. His release May The Saints Say Amen, which he dropped last year went on to chart on iTunes, and his follow-up East Grand Rapids Yacht Club showed tons of growth and promise. He recently hit us off with a new song, “99 Problems,” which is the ...

    On April 18, 2017 / By

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