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    unsigned hype

    Shifty Eyez Lays It All On The Line

    Alberta, Canada, rapper Shifty Eyes struggled growing up. “I seemed to fit in with the kids from way harder families than my own,” he tells AAHH, “that lead to all sorts of unwanted exposure for a young kid … really, music was like an antidepressant and a vent even before it was a career craft my headphones were my go to.” He ...

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    unsigned hype

    Soo Casa Returns With Kid Frankie Featured Single

    Toronto rapper Soo Casa is continuing his run with a brand new single featuring fellow Canadian artist Kid Frankie. The song “Regardless” is beaming with potential. The chunky bass and Auto-Tune tinged vocals mashed with the commercially viable production make for a solid effort. “Imma put a flex on you regardless,” the two croon on the hook. Both artists mesh well sonically—and ...

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    unsigned hype

    ​ Mostacho Xprmnt Release A Unique Remix EP

    BK’s own Mostacho Xprmnt are back with an EP almost as eclectic as the borough they’re representing; QMMR Remix is an equally spastic and oddly cohesive sonic journey curated by producers 28 Lines, Matt Sokol, and Copper Tony. The three producers have mashed and re-imagined the jazzy hip-hop vibes of the group into three unique listens of their song “Que Mae Mas ...

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