This week’s Vibes in the City featured artist, LoOny is one of few artists that takes it back to the roots of Hip-Hop, where it had a message and made you dance. The MBK Vision artist had a hard childhood surrounded by violence and death in the streets of Passaic, NJ. Centered by family and love for music, the Dominican emcee is influenced by 90’s hip-hop and it’s no coincidence he’s staking his claim with his single “Ain’t Playing”.


AAHH: How did you find out about Vibes in the City?

LoOny: My Brother, and manager, Sir Morales took me there for the first time last December. He told me that this place would be my stepping-stone to much success and to never forget it! He wasn’t lying. I’ve excelled ever since and I’m not turning back. Vibes in the City is a place of talent with no egos. Artist that have been doing it for awhile, to novice artist, to poets, motivational speakers, etc. come to release their “ROAR” on stage. This is inspirational that all come under one roof with PEACE for THE ART OF MUSIC. Seeing the LOVE that CEO Broadway Blake gives off to CEO Mr. Morales and MBK Vision team just confirms why we remain here respectfully to show and receive love.


AAHH: What are you trying to prove with your lead single “Ain’t Playing”?

LoOny: “I Ain’t Playing” was written to set the tone for rappers that love to rap about things they don’t do, ever seen, or ever done. It was a message to them letting them know that the real artist, the real lyricist, that I’m going to take their spot and add truth to the game again will exposing their fake rhymes and life.

AAHH: “So Flee” is one of my favorite songs, what’s the meaning behind the song?

LoOny: So Flee is dedicated to the present feeling that I’m feeling. At this point of my young music career I see the World so bright and so FRESH. I feel grateful for all that is going on and all the comforts within my new circle. The positive energy that entangles from my mentor Sir Morales to the people that support the MBK VISION MOVEMENT and me. I just wanted everyone one to hear me with a fresher sound and giving special thanks to a feel “GOOd MAN”. I’m just feeling GREAT and FRESHER than ever BEFORE! I’m coming for that the throne.

AAHH: What inspires you musically?

LoOny: What inspires me musically is the FREEDOM of speech Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1949) which states “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”. Speak your mind and don’t hold back. Through that inspiration that’s how I attack my music.

AAHH: How long have you been affiliated with MBKVISION Entertainment?

LoOny: I’ve been an artist and a team member of MBK VISION ENTERTAINMENT since September. My bro Morales came to my house, picked me up and took me to a cigar lounge in Clifton, NJ to discuss his movement and MBKVISION ENTERTAINMENT vision. I listen and respected his passion to make his movement and company work for music as well as the people. I agreed to be an artist with him at that time and since then I’ve been recognized more and have done things that I’ve ever imagined. This is my Family now, exactly what I was missing. THIS IS MY SQUAD TO THE DEATH OF ME!

AAHH: What’s the motto for your team?

LoOny: We are “BEYOND MUSIC” “ONTHERISE” and that “ IN UNITY THERE’S STRENGTH AND IN STRENGTH THERE’S UNITY”. My MBK VISION FAMILIA consists of Queen Alma, Clepto, Queen Sammy, and Versatile. My big bro, coach, mentor, and manager, CEO-Mr. Jose G. Morales (Sir Morales).

AAHH: What’s your favorite quotable song?

LoOny: “Weird like Murdock, Thinkin’ like Hannibal, Man like Face, But I’m wild like B.A.”

  • Styles P And why? It’s exactly how I think, this me ALL THE WAY!

AAHH: Describe the lane you’re trying to create in Hip-Hop?

LoOny: The lane I’m trying to create in Hip-Hop is one that has been forgotten. That is being LYRICAL. I want to be in the category of those few artists to bring it back to its original roots. When Hip-Hop had a message to listen to and it made you dance. If I was granted the opportunity to collaborate with anyone it would have to be with Styles P from The Lox. It will be a fire flame spit war….hahahahaha.

AAHH: What’s your 5-year plan?

LoOny: In five years, I would like to have my parents in their own house with assistance of a maid if possible, Financially able to open a line of real estate properties for low income families, creating my own comics, being one of the top artist for MBKVISION as well having MBKVISION ENTERTAINMENT in the top ten notable labels.

AAHH: When’s your next event/performance?

LoOny: There will also be a performance being recorded and aired on local cable. We also booked for a show on April or May either opening at an event for Black Rob/Keith Murray or Rakim and Big Daddy Kane plus others.

Be sure to checkout LoOny on Soundcloud to checkout his indie projects like “Jerzy”, “Fony”, “Hottis N Thottis”, “Why U Mad for” and many others. Also, follow LoOny on all social media to learn more about his upcoming tour late 2017.

SoundCloud- loonyucrazy


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