Interview With The Horseshoe Gang

Horseshoe G.A.N.G is a collective of four blood brothers (Demetrius, Julius, Kenny and Andrew “Dice”) that breathes the familiar root…

Horseshoe G.A.N.G is a collective of four blood brothers (Demetrius, Julius, Kenny and Andrew “Dice”) that breathes the familiar root of Hip Hop into their music. Being the brothers of Crooked I, there’s no surprise shedding on their well-respected name and talent. In 2011, the gang released a 17-track mixtape that went viral and officially marked the start of their career. Five years later, they’ve maintained the same hype and released yet another banging album entitled “Anti-Trap Music” this year.

Horseshoe G.A.N.G chatted it up with AAHipHop on their new album, the blessings of their success thus far and a promising quote that reflects their progressions in the next five years.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Aside from our elder bros Mad Man and KXNG Crooked, we were inspired by lots of rappers but mainly N.W.A, Rakim, Ice-T, 2Pac, Twista, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Of course, it would be expected to have some of Hip Hop’s greatest artist as your inspirations. It also transforms through your music since the start until now. Explain the musical growth you guys have collectively experienced from 2011 until now?

The time span in between 2011 and 2016 will probably be remembered as the period which officially shaped us as a group of artists. We put in a ton of work in the last five years. We feel like we’ve been put through an obstacle course, and it keeps getting more difficult as the years continue. We now feel free when we get into recording mode. We’re more comfortable musically, and we know we needed to experience every moment of the last half-decade to reach the creative space we’re in now.

In one sentence, describe your personal success and how it changed each of you individually?

“I’ve become a better man as a result of our musical growth.”

“Being able to pay rent and bills with rap money, allows me to focus less on distractions.”

“As the eldest brother in the group, I’ve experienced more disappointments, so It’s a huge relief to have this level of success.”

“I now have a better platform to voice my angry rants.”

Every collective has their ups and downs when working together but at the end, it’s always worth it. What are the pros and cons with working together?

We’ve had a lot of ups and downs in this industry… Probably way more downs. But as far as the highs and lows associated with being in a group goes, we don’t have any lows. Being a group, particularly brothers, gives us an unfair advantage. Our brotherhood is a mutant ability. We’re like the X-Men, and KXNG Crooked is like Professor X.

The G.A.N.G is on top of the underground scene right now, which is amazing. A lot of artists aspire to be in that position. Of course, I don’t expect you guys to be content with that, which speculates, are you willing to take your music to the mainstream media and if so, would there be any changes in The G.A.N.G’s sound?

We’d be lying if we said we never wanted mainstream attention. But these days, the word “mainstream” has negative connotations associated with it cause so many artists have to conform to gain mainstream attention or appeal. So God willing, we’ll keep grinding until our music reaches as many ears as possible. But if attaining mainstream success means compromising our integrity, then fuck the mainstream.

I agree, the mainstream has negative connotations, but it’s artists like you that we are patiently waiting on to change the game. But, let’s get more in-depth with your Latest album “Anti-Trap” What would you tell a new listener to expect before they listen to the album?

They should expect to hear the authentic Hip-Hop music. Deep, clever, aggressive, fun, dark, rebellious and never one-dimensional. Rap music has always served as a bright spotlight shed on a creative culture. Lately, that spotlight hasn’t been so bright. We’re trying to bring Hip Hop back to where it belongs.

It’s obvious that you are not a fan of Trap music (hence the album’s name), and lately, rappers are setting that trendy sound of trap for Hip Hop’s latest music. Is there any artist out that you guys listen to?

We listen to Jay-Z, J.Cole, Wale, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake, to name a few. But we also listen to rappers who make Trap music. We look up to T.I. and he’s one of the founders of the Trap sound. T.I. is one of few real Trap rappers who’s also a real artist and that’s why we respect him. He had songs like “Be Better Than Me” speaking in depth about Trap life. Even though the album’s title was “Trap Muzik” he displayed many viewpoints cause he’s a well-rounded artist.

Any future projects we should be on the look out for this year?

We’re working on a lot right now, but we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. We’re also working on a tour as well.

Let’s pretend it is 2021 and we meet again for an interview. Finish your response that starts off with “Didn’t I tell you five years ago that…”

Didn’t I tell you five years ago that we would be hailed as one of the greatest rap groups of all time?

Nica is known for her artsy style throughout the gritty streets of NYC. From freelance acting, writing, blogging and attending various events, Nica has gain a interest to document them all to inspire others. She loves art, street fashion, music and a hot slice of pizza.
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“I grew up on basketball culture, I’m obsessed with basketball. If you ask me, ‘Who was the 12th man on the Celtics in 2004?’ I can tell you – I love basketball trivia. So the court was inspired by my former manager who passed away two years ago at the age of 33. It was very important for me to do something with a humanitarian aspect of my music and we decided on the proceeds of the music, the merch and with some donations, we were going to make the most high tech basketball court. It has Wifi, it has eco-friendly paint, it has solar-powered benches that have wi-fi and everything you would want. But it has an important political message that speaks on the media manipulation using motifs of Serbian art that show the area where we are from. I can’t wait to get started on it. I don’t care if I get 10 billion streams or 10 million or 10 hundred. The fact that people would come play here and contribute to the court in any way – I’m proud. It’s something for the community.”

While Filip Filipi is still building his buzz, he has been working on the craft of Hip-Hop for over a decade and has had his music placed on major nationwide television shows after his Sizzerb mixtape garnered widespread attention.

“In middle school around 10th grade, me and my friend were freestyling in class and we started recording on his computer mic at his parents’ house when we were like 15,” Filip Filipi said. “Back then, my thing was basketball, by the time I got to college I played a little bit of ball, and then I began to focus on rap. People were saying I could spit, so a few months after I started, DJ Vlad hosted my tape, and it sold like 11k physical copies. For me it was a really big deal because I’m from a small town in Canada and people were buying it in New York.”

Following up with a few more mixtapes, Filip Filipi found commercial success with his single “Boom” on the show So You Think You Can Dance. Stepping away from his more conceptual 90’s style, Filip Filipi was estranged from the rap he knew and he felt his story was becoming distorted.

“When I was coming up the sound was Dipset and that soul sample style on the beat, and every beat had the set of samples. We used to sample old Balkan and Serbian samples and really kind of made that the trademark of our production. There was a time when I started to not like the direction that Hip-Hop was taking toward Techno and EDM. To this day I listen to Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Lauren Hill, Bob Marley, The Fugees and that’s my gold standard of Hip-Hop and music. Like all the tracks remixed with the Backstreet Boys and other boy bands, that’s not Hip-Hop to me.”

Choosing to step away to focus on humanitarian work, Filip Filipi, recalls going on a hiatus from music after he felt local artists were attacking Drake on a chat group.

“I just had to step away and focus on humanitarian work. I’m from Canada, and I turned away from rap music in Canada at the worst time. Toronto was a black hole for music for a time and then Drake hit. He had been coming up with his Degrassi following but he just blew up and at that point it wasn’t really cool to blend Degrassi and rap. At one point, I remember on MSN messenger when everyone was dissing Drake and they started picking on him like a cybergang for like 30 minutes. At that time, my home country was going through a really rough time, so I was already thinking about trying to use my music to do something there. I guess that convo was the straw, because it made me focus completely on the humanitarian stuff, the organization, UN, all that. So I just exited that MSN convo and then The Weeknd, Drake and a whole bunch of other rappers broke big a month later.”

Now back for more Filip Filipi is merging the worlds of basketball and Hip-Hop in memory of his former manager. He hopes music, art and basketball will come together on the court in Akron to provide refuge for other young kids, like they had for him.

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Cameron Airborne – “No Cuffing ” ft. Jackboy

Today South Florida artist Cameron Airborne, drops the music video for his song “No Cuffin” featuring buzzing rapper Jackboy. In the Andrew Colton directed music video,…

Today South Florida artist Cameron Airborne, drops the music video for his song “No Cuffin” featuring buzzing rapper Jackboy. In the Andrew Colton directed music video, listeners get a hazy and psychedelic visual to go along with Cameron Airborne‘s catchy Summer bop. 

“The beat was a collaborative track with K.E. on the Track. He laced up the beat and I got Jackboy on there for the hook too. It’s just real catchy, we shot the video for the track and it just a had kind of club or pop vibe to it. It’s definitely a Summer song and its very upbeat and kind of fast paced, it def keeps the head nodding.”

Combing elements of guitar and singing, Cameron Airborne has found a lane doing his own thing combining it all with rap after performing in a band early on in his career.

“I play guitar because I had played in a band before and I ended up rapping. It gave me stage experience and the drive to want to do my own thing.” Cameron Airborne explained.  “I branched out and started doing my own music and I always wrote my own poetry so transitioning to rapping was natural. I can make trap music, I can make pop catchy sounding music and I can make real lyrical stuff too.  When I put out a projects I try to put out a little something for everyone to take something away from the project.”

Although most of the world has been shut down over the past few months with COVID-19, Cameron Airborne remains busy producing instrumentals and gearing up for his own studio where he will be able to record artists there. 

“Im just on the independent grind, I’m opening up my own studio and that way I can make money, just recording and doing sessions,” Cameron Airborne explained.   “I’ve been producing my own instrumentals and so I have a lot of music lined up and some big features tucked away for the right time to present them.”


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Dallas Rapper Fat Yunginn Signs with Cash Money Records

Recently Dallas, Texas rapper Fat Yunginn and Cash Money Records are happy to announce the Pleasant Grove rapper’s signing to their iconic rap label. Pictured above with Birdman and Ronald “Slim” Williams, this young upstart…

Recently Dallas, Texas rapper Fat Yunginn and Cash Money Records are happy to announce the Pleasant Grove rapper’s signing to their iconic rap label. Pictured above with Birdman and Ronald Slim” Williams, this young upstart has officially inked a deal with one of the most iconic Hip-Hop/Rap labels in the history of music. 

First getting notoriety for his song “Sack Up” in 2016, Fat Yunginn says he always wanted to sign with Cash Money Records and that it’s a “perfect match.”

“I grew up off Cash Money, I grew up listening to them. I ain’t gonna lie I always wanted to be on Cash Money and I always wanted to sign with them. I don’t really go off what other people say or what they do and say about Cash Money. Birdman came up talking about he was the #1 Stunna and if you listen to my flow you can hear my ooh flow fits with this brand. Sack Season / Cash Money Records. It’s a perfect match.”

Raised in Dallas’ Pleasant Grove, Fat Yunginn drew inspiration from his father’s passing and from there began to take off on the strip club scene in Dallas. 

“I’m from Dallas Texas, from a hood out there called Pleasant Grove. I started doing music once my Pops passed away and I just took to music and it was just going up from there. Once I dropped Sack Up it went crazy in the strip clubs and so after that I started taking it more seriously. One night I went in the strip club and tipped a couple of females and this big DJ in Dallas named DJ Hit That began spinning it.  It took off from there and I did my first paid show off that song,” Fat Yunginn said.   “As far as Dallas and the surrounding areas I was able to perform Sack Up out there and I was able to build up my brand. We’re called Sack Season Ent, but we call ourselves Sack Babies. Anything that has to do with a sack of money we about that. Thats basically how they know me around here.”

Going forward Fat Younginn is preparing for the release of his next single called, “Show My Ass” featuring fellow Dallas rapper Yella Beezy.

“I got another song called Show My Ass thats another club banger with Yella Beezy and we gonna release that one through Cash Money. I got the visual for my next track, it’s just to get my sound out there a little more and my ooh flow. Its my ad lib you can hear in a lot of my songs. Then I have another with Rylo Rodriguez and another one with Euro Gotti. I got a lot of unreleased music I can’t wait for the fans to hear it,” he added.  “I can get in there and start from scratch, the ooo flow, I have fun in the studio. When I came up with the ooh flow I was just playing around people have just been gravitating towards it.”

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