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Vibes In The City: SoULFULL

Always encouraging collaborative efforts, Vibes in the City introduced candid lyricist SoULFULL to their weekly Wednesday open mic in Newark, NJ last week. Representing the burbs of Franklin, NJ the multifaceted talent brings more than just lyrics. The HoMEMADE exec is currently in the works of directing and producing his first independent film and web series while putting the finishing touches on his upcoming untitled project. Just in time for nice weather and dope tunes, SoULFULL will give you that “Sunday morning cleaning your house” type vibes.

AAHH: How did you find out about Vibes in the City?

SoULFULL: I found out about Vibes in The City through artist Karma who had performed here twice by herself and then with me this past August for the release of our collaborative album “i95 & WiFi”.  It feels good to be appreciated consistently. Since I’ve done the first show I’ve been shown nothing but love and support. So for them to reach out to me to have a solo set this time around means a lot to me because of how hard I work that other people never get the chance to see.

AAHH: What are you currently working on (mixtape, EP, Album, etc.)?

SoULFULL:  I’m currently working on a new solo project for the first time in 2 years as well as a short film. What a lot of people don’t know is that my first love is film so I’m excited to showcase another side of my artistry, something else that I love to do. I’m enjoying the opportunity to not feel like I have to be just a rapper and nothing else.

AAHH: What is the name of the single? What’s the vision for your latest project?

SoULFULL:  Right now I have no single. At least not one I can decide on because I feel like I have so many I want to give. This project to me is a lot of growth, I wasn’t scared to try new things and that’s what makes it so good to me. Instead of being known as this punch line rapper I’m showing that I’m more than that. And the project so far is just a feel good kind of vibe, like the cleaning the house on a Sunday morning type of music.

AAHH: What inspires you musically?

SoULFULL: My family inspires me everyday. The good times and the bad are what got me to writing to begin with. The name of my brand “HoMEMADE” comes from them. They inspire me more than some listeners may catch at times.

AAHH: Are you affiliated with an entertainment group or crew? If so who?

SoULFULL: I wouldn’t say affiliated with a group but like I said I do have my own brand “HoMEMADE”. And I have a few people I constantly love to work/perform with as far as Kärma, Shawn Crysis, and Ty Jack.

AAHH: What do you want listeners to gain from your latest project?

SoULFULL: My latest project they can just understand and appreciate the growth if you listen to my older music. And because it was a collaborative project I want them to see the artistry I’m able to create with others. I feel as though I showcased a lot pure rap skills on “i95 & WiFi” as far as flows, charisma and even knowledge of past artist by recreating some of their old flows. As far as my next project I want them to gain the feeling. I believe it should feel better than it sound as a listener. Just enjoy the sounds but listen to the words hear the stories.

AAHH: Biggest highlight of your career so far?

SoULFULL: Biggest highlight of my career might have been Rutgers Unity Day 2017 and a show for ‘Tha Grey Matter’ this past August. Unity Day because it was in front of so many Rutgers students and being able to open up for PnB Rock. Especially because a year ago I was told I would have to pay $200 to open up for him. ‘The Grey Matter’ was huge because “i95 & WiFi” had release 2 or 3 days prior to the show. A lot of the crowd was there for me and Karma. When the first song came on everybody knew the words and the tape wasn’t even out that long yet.

AAHH: Describe the lane you’re trying to create in Hip-Hop?

SoULFULL: I wouldn’t say I’m trying to “create” a lane bur more so just get back into the lane of the music, we as fans can’t seem to let go. The 90’s hip-hop, content and feeling. I refuse to be someone who conforms; I want to be comfortable being me to create.

AAHH: Besides your own music, what are you listening to?

SoULFULL: Right now…J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, The Internet, and my peers, the people I see at every show and perform/create with.


Vibes In The City: SoULFULL

AAHH: If you had the chance, what artist would you collab with?

SoULFULL:  If I had to pick one I probably would choose Jay Z. Just being to work with legends and try to spar with him would mean the world to me. He’s at a a level and has done so much I would love to get the chance for debates to spark on whose verse was better, myself or Jay Z.

AAHH: Is the goal to stay independent or eventually get signed?

SoULFULL: The goal is to stay independent but if I could get signed I would love to be with Roc Nation.  Roc Nation just so I can have the push and the platform to be in certain conversations and categories with the best in it. Also just to be under Jay Z just to watch and learn and help push along his legacy would be great.

AAHH: How many projects have you released? (Include names, year released, features and label)

HoMEMADE – 2015 – Emonie, Ty Jack, Jay Marv

More Than A Game – 2015 – Blake Davis, Sayless, Ty Jack, Karma

Boulevard Blues – 2016 – Collab project with Ty Jack

I95 & WiFi – 2016 – Collab project with Kärma

AAHH: Where can people hear your music? | Twitter & Instagram: @soulfullnjn | Snapchat: kdlesoul | Soulfull (ASCAP)

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