He still has bars on top of bars – stuffed with more bars; however this album seems far less rushed.

As far as rap characters go, there aren’t many in the game with the background of overweight-spitter Action Bronson, coming straight out of Flushing Queens. Aside from his infamous Fuck That’s Delicious web series, he’s been hitting you with heaters for the past few years now. Amidst early comparisons to Wu-Tang Clan over-achiever Ghostface Killah – whom he toured with (haters) – Action has risen into the spotlight and it’s now his time to smack the rap game in the f—ing face on a commercial level. Listening to this project it’s hard to swallow (pause) that he’s been rapping for just over five years. He quit his career as a chef to pursue rap, which will explain his extremely elaborate food references.

After a fifth full listen I’ve come to some conclusions about Action’s major-label debut album, Mr. Wonderful. It’s brilliant. If you’ve been following his career over the past few years, you’ll notice the growth he’s had. He still has bars on top of bars – stuffed with more bars; however this album seems far less rushed. It has an interesting blend of sounds and emotions. The fun, airy vibe of the Mark Ronson produced Brand New Car sets the tone nicely. Don’t go into this album without a sense of humour and an open mind.

The soundscape here is so well compiled. From the absolutely gorgeous Terry produced by Alchemist, the radio-friendly Actin’ Crazy produced by OVO’s own 40 to the psychedelic Party Supplies produced Easy Rider, he literally bodies every beat – one exception (for me) was the Oh No produced Only In America. It was a little more “meh” than the rest of the tracks. The album’s most memorable moments happen halfway through when Action sings on the funky Mark Ronson joint City Boy Blues, which transitions in the super dope Baby Blue Eyes, featuring Chance The Rapper. If you haven’t peeped the visuals for that track yet, scroll to the bottom. You’re welcome.

Overall it’s an incredibly impressive album. It has bars, amazing production and enough reply value to keep this one in the deck for a hot minute. I recently read that he’s also releasing a cook book with a number of famous chefs. Like it or not, Action is shaping up to have a better year than most of the other rappers on the scene right now. Don’t hate – make better music.