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When it comes to female MC’s, who I always think of as just MC’s, they seem to fall into two distinct groups these days: those who have bars and those who lean on their sexuality as a crutch. There’s something to be said about having a deep roots in the culture you’re contributing to. Enter Venomiss.

Hip-hop artist, and writer, Venomiss has paid her dues, rocking stages and battling her way into the game. Although she’s currently writing for several websites and publications, such as, music is still her main priority.

Get to know Venomiss a little better in the interview below.

Introduce yourself

They call me Venomiss! I’m a female MC and Hip Hop Journalistic Writer from Orange, NJ. I write for a few blogs and magazines and I do my own music as an independent artist.

How did you get involved in music?

Music was always around me in one way or another so it all kind of came together. My mom loved music and there was never a day in my house without music playing when I was young… Bob Marley, Sade, Kenny G, The Gap Band, Luther… you name it. I became in love with music. My dad was into being a DJ and he would let me practice, so I developed a ear for rhythms and drum patterns. He had some bars too! When I got older, my cousins were a huge part of me getting involved since they were heavy into hip hop and in rap groups of their own. Music became my happy place in life. It became my escape and my voice when I didn’t think I had the courage to face the things I was up against. At the same time I don’t think any one thing made me a MC, I believe it developed naturally in me and was brought out by events in my life both good and bad.

Who are some of your influences?

Honestly, most of the people who influence will never see a deal or the mainstream recognition. As a MC who started out literally walking up to groups of MCs that I didn’t know who were in a cypher and basically jumping into their rotation, being around others who are hungry and creative influences me most. I didn’t care who’s hood I was in, what street I was on or who’s shows, I just needed to be in the cypher! In turn, I met a lot of really talented MCs who I learned a lot from. Personal experiences and life lessons also influence me. Things I’ve seen or done. I draw influence from moods too I am definitely a mood writer. Sometimes the beat will influence me to write to a certain feeling I’m having.

Tell me about your music.

I’ve been doing music since I was about 12 or 13, and took it seriously about 15 or 16. My music is about balance. I bring the street edge and I also bring hooks and lyrics that people can still go along with. I’m not so far old school Hip Hop that I can’t also appreciate and bring the new school Hip Hop too.I find young and old Hip Hop heads like my music. They all seem to find something they like about it. I saw a post on Twitter one time from a good friend of mine that reminds me of my music. It made me laugh actually when I saw it. The post was about being sophisticated ratchet. That describes my music to me. The post was saying sophisticated ratchet is hood enough to step up but smart enough to know when to. That’s how I feel about my music. It’s not too left field that you can’t respect it, but it ain’t above taking the earnings off and showing you the business either!

Tell me about your sound.

The most common feedback I get about my sound is my voice. I’m told I have a great voice for hip hop and radio often. People look for someone to compare it to but they generally just go back to saying they like the way my voice sounds on the beats when they can’t find a direct match in their minds. My choice of production things that grab your attention. I like a little bounce to my records; almost a southern bounce without it being trap. I do draw some southern influences and I guess that comes from being a fan of Bone Thugs, but I am a Jersey girl born and raised so I also draw influences from Fabolous, Jay-Z, Jadakiss too. I guess I just like to be able to bounce to the beat.

What are you currently working on?

I just dropped the video for “They Want” which has been one of two singles off the upcoming album. I started out with the mindset that I was recording an EP but its honestly been so hard to narrow it down. My producers and I really have just been working off of our vibes and creating with no limitation. So I believe its growing from an EP to a full project. I’ve been in the studio a lot and focusing on making this a good project. Speaking of the album, it should be out soon. Stay tuned to my Twitter and website because I will be announcing dates in the upcoming weeks. I’m still writing for the blogs and magazines and honing my skills in that department too. Its been a great addition to my music to be able to write about something I love. I have some other behind the scenes ventures i’m exploring too.

What are your fave albums ever?

I can’t narrow this down, I would be kidding myself if I said I could. Some of my favorite albums ever are:

  • Notorious B.I.G- Life after Death
  • Busta Rhymes- E.L.E
  • Wu Tang- Forever
  • Lauryn Hill- Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
  • Miss E Elliot- So Addictive
  • DMX- It’s Dark and Hell is Hot
  • Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt
  • Nas- Illmatic
  • Bone Thugs n Harmony – Creeping On a Come Up
  • Ruff Ryders- Ryde Or Die Vol 1 

…Just to name a few that really stuck with me over the years and that aren’t as obvious. My all-time collection usually includes albums that changed the game in some way with their release. They either change the way we see something, or set a tone of some sort.

Do you perform live? Describe how you approach a live show.

Performing live is really important in music. You have to do it. I do it and even at my first show, I have never been shy. I get on stage and nothing else matters to me but performing. My approach to a show is to give the best performance I can. Not all venues are going to be the best venue, not all are going to have a great sound system and be packed. I just get up there and have a good time and I try my best to connect with the audience and give them a good idea of who I am.

Where can the people find you?

Anywhere on the web you can find me at itsvenomiss:
for booking email

Do you have any shoutouts? Shoutout to everyone involved in this project. From engineers to studios to team Venomiss who keeps my weave on straight and my calendar organized, many thanks! Shoutout Team Tory always, My family and friends, Jersey Sound Labs, Podium Muzik, Agent Midi, Clipsmoke, Scooby, Huskee, Fiyyah, Gab, Dobie… Shoutout to all the blogs and publications who have been keeping me busy and all the listeners who’ve been giving me a chance at this and been supporting!

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