Vini G: Living For a Passion

Creating music is and forever will be my passion,” says young rapper Vini G. “Gripping the mic, dissecting every line, building beats from the ground up like a musical architect, that is my life.” It’s an admirable and relatable feeling for any artist who dreams of living the rap life. As a rapper–and producer–his music runs the gambit between electronic and what we’ll describe as alternative hip-hop. He doesn’t fit the street mold, but a more ‘everyday people’ brand of commercial music that is approachable and easy to digest. With a SoundCloud catalog that dates back a little over a year, he has some growing to do as an artist, but it will be interesting to see what it evolves into, and how the electronic music and hip-hop will ultimately develop into a signature sound.

“I hope my passion for music can be shown positively through this music here,” he says humbly. Give the kid an ear, below.

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