Toronto rapper Soo Casa — who has appeared on AAHH in the past — is back with a hot new single in advance of his first headlining show next month (November). “I plan to release more tracks on a consistent basis leading up to that,” he tells AAHH.

“Cldhnky,” the first song mixed and mastered by Soo Casa (a la J.Cole/Russ) is a braggadocios planting of a flag in the game. A suitable follow-up to “nolovesongs” which he dropped two months ago, he proclaims himself as the “coldest honky in the game right now,” peppering the bassy Ninety8 produced instrumental with a barrage of punchlines. It’s a little more bar for bar Hip Hop, which is sure to help build his profile as a spitter.

Soo has been building a cult-like following on his social media profiles as of late and is hoping that organic grind will translate into further exposure as he begins to drop songs at a more feverish pace throughout the 4th quarter on 2017.