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Chris B Skates Past Detractors On New Single “Still Up”

Lake Elsinore, California, native Chris B drops his lyrically scathing new single, “Still Up.” Without knowing the context — there are tons of personal jabs, like for Justin who he tells to eat a dick within the first eight bars — the track is overflowing with frustration and energy. “Now that I got my shit together, people hate that I’m so fuckin’ clever,” he raps in the chorus.

In essence, this is an anthem for putting people who are swirling with negative energy pn blast, as you skate past them on your sharp ascent toward bigger and better things — something Chris B, who has been dropping music for the past 18 years, knows all too well.

Doing it entirely on the indie tip, Chris aims to motivate and inspire fans, telling honest stories with his music. The latest single is off of his eight-song Reflection project, which is his follow up to last year’s 4 AM project. Check out the track, below.

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