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#IndieSpotlight: Ace Baretta Drops ‘The Numb Project’

“The idea of having everything you ever wanted is easier when its only an idea,” says LA-based rapper/singer Ace Baretta.”When you find yourself without a home, no money and only a beat machine is when you’ll ask yourself are you ready to sacrifice it all for this idea.”

“At 19 years old no place to call my own, family issues, police brutality, I made some of the best music of my career to date.” The result of his hardships is the four-song EP, The Numb Project; The project is a well-produced set of radio-ready singles that give [new] fans a great insight into what the young artist is capable of accomplishing given the right machine behind him. We’re wondering why we are just now getting up on dude–our bad.

Will Ace cut through the clutter? Who know; but, The Numb Project is a gem and worth a spin–no doubt.

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