Brick City rap duo Rock Star Gang, or better known as RSG, is one of few that really get the Vibes in the City crowd hyped every week. With party tracks like “More Bands” and “Day Ones”, cousins Matti and Roc bring a different style to hip-hop. I briefly caught up with RSG to learn more about their upcoming mixtape Only For Boobie.

AAHH: What/Who inspires Rock Star Gang musically?

RSG: Rock Star Gang was something we came up with to bring a

different impact on rapping, but if it wasn’t for Boobie we’ll be somewhere else in life. Boobie is the inspiration.

AAHH: Is it hard to work with family?

RSG: Not at all , it’s better to work with family. Once we wrote our first song together we realized it was right.

AAHH: Speaking of family, tell AAHH what “Time” is about? What inspired the song?

RSG: After the loss in our family, we realized spend as much time with your family before it’s to late.

AAHH: How has Vibes in the City inspired you?

RSG: Just to have Newark stand with each other on one night is amazing. It’s a blessing to be apart of it.

AAHH: Are you guys currently in the process of recording a new project (Mixtape, EP or LP)?

RSG: Our Mixtape is in the making will be dropping Spring May 24th titled Only For Boobie, all Original Production. RSG is the Empire and we Never Stop Working. We’re heading to becoming a label to where we collaborate with artists from different places. We want our city to have a chance.

AAHH: When’s your next event/performance? What’s one thing you want the world to know about RSG?

RSG: Our Single Release Party is in June! RSG is not a gang if people were wondering, it’s A Family Business.

Catch up with RSG on Instagram @Matti_RSG @Roc_RSG!