On April 1, 2017 all aspects of Hip-Hop collided within the Juice Cathedral walls of Jersey City, New Jersey. A full day of performers, dancers, vendors, DJs, media contributors and more, set the Hip-Hop scene for one night.  Jersey natives came through to pay homage to the very state that made them who they are: Dougie F., Chad B, Moruf, and Jay Hype, just to name a few.

Anyone from New Jersey would know that a Jersey event is not complete without Jersey Club music. The Get Dirty Dance Session hyped the crowd up with their outlandish b-boy moves mixed with popular Jersey club dances. You know its lit when you can bring out the creator of the famous footwork dance, the “Percolator.” The dancers definitely made the crowd move and participate. DJ Midnite, Kev Love, were only two of many DJ’s who shook the building with their mixes, and I’m not talking about “AUX cord” DJing; straight vinyl.

The Cathedral (which has been de-sanctified) is a masterpiece. The original architecture and stained glass remains, as well as the pews. If it was wrong to feel Godly, while drinking a mixed cocktail, many of us did not want to be right. The ambiance of this venue felt sensational. You could see the admiration for the Cathedral in the eyes of those it housed for the night. It almost felt unreal to watch many rappers and singers tear town the stage, in a once deemed “holy” place. Definitely the most artistic out-of-the-box venue I have ever been in. The Cathedral has definitely been coined as a Moxie 1973 original.

The main hall (where service once took place) is where the stage and vendors were positioned. From organic toothpaste (@SoWavyKam), to deep messages written on clothing (@WritingsFromMichael), there were many unvoiced creatives present, that were making their statements through their brands. A level below, is where AboveAverageHipHop.com and many other media outlets were stationed. I talked to a plethora of upcoming artists and culture-pushers such as @Aitch, @ManoloMike, @YoungFlizo, @_JayHype, @_MusicCafe_, @TwondonUC, @IamEni_, @StragglifeDougie (Dougie F.), @TheRealChadB (Chad B.), and @Moruf88 and many more. (These interviews will be posted to the site later this week).

The Juice Hip Hop Exhibition has become a staple event for New Jersey. Definitely a night to remember, from the performers, to the ambiance of the Cathedral. Great job Moxie 1973!