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Vibes In The City Roundup, June 8

After missing last week’s Vibes In the City, I was excited to jump right back in. In attendance were the familiar Vibes In TheCity regulars, along with a few new faces. As usual, the instant energetic atmosphere was in the air. It was nice to hear DJ Chuck spin local artist’s records such as Tall Bandz “Kobe.” It goes to show that they are all about supporting local talent. Underground Mantra, one of the three featured acts of the night, in my opinion, stole the show despite having a few technical difficulties with their sound. Their cover to Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” was a huge hit amongst the crowd. Naomi Love, a self-proclaimed neo-soul lyricist, had everyone vibing to her song “Do Care” and singing along to “Afro.” It was a really good night with some very talented people.

I got the chance to speak with J.Phillipe, a former Vibes in the City Featured act, who was there in support of a good friend. You can follow her on Twitter at @spell_philippe, check out her Soundcloud JPhilippe and her website

Be sure to join us next Wednesday night if you’re in Downtown Newark! Stop by, say hi and get ready for a good time!

Name: J. Phillipe

Lex: So, do you rap or do you sing? What do you like to be known as?

J.Phillipe: I am a Hip-Hop artist, a modern day philosopher.

Lex: What exactly is a modern day philosopher?

J.Phillipe: I’m a woman who is giving advice and life lessons to people through my personal experiences.

Lex: Interesting, how long have you been making music for and when did you get your start?

J.Phillipe: I’ve been making music for seven years now, I had a talent for public speaking and I was taking acting classes as well and from there it just evolved into me making music.

Lex: So do you think that if you didn’t get into music, that you would become an actress?

J.Phillipe: Music is just one part of what I do. I’m just a creative person overall.

Lex: How do you feel about today’s music?

J.Phillipe: Music right now is just so exciting to me. There are so many talented people who are carving their own way and I hope to create my own lane.

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