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Fire Friday Playlist, June 10

The Millenial generation is taking over this week’s Fire Friday Playlist. These artists are not only young creative minds pushing boundaries, but they are also the creators of their own rules. Reworking old concepts, taking it and making it completely their own. You’ll see that this week’s playlist is nothing short of greatness. Got music that you would like to have featured on upcoming playlists? Follow us on Twitter @AAHipHop and send us a link using #FireFridayPlaylist.

Khalid – “Location”

“Location” accurately describes the beginning stages of a potential relationship in today’s generation. Removing the relationship off of social media, taking the next step and finally meeting in person. The soulfulness of Khalid’s voice reminds me of a new blossoming stage in R&B music. The meeting of down to earth, spacey production, and soulful vocals are pure gold.

Amine – “Caroline”

Who’s Caroline you may ask? She’s a bad thang, fine as hell, thick as f*ck. Portland rapper Amine brilliantly revamps and brings about a new life to OutKast’s Caroline, the super – duos main chick from their 2003 super smash hit “Roses”. Anime’s animated style of rapping is captivating on this track; there’s no other choice but to vibe along with him.

E-Money – “Ride & Coast”

Chicago rapper E-Money give us a song that we can ride out to on “Ride & Coast” It’s a feel good hustler’s anthem along with a catchy hook that’s reminiscent of F.L.Y’s 2009 hit “Swag Surfin”.

March Bishop – “Rhyme and Reason”

The sixth track off of Marc Bishop’s EP Rites of Passage, Rhyme and Reason takes a reflective look back on Bishop’s journey to make it. Bishop’s ability to paint a vivid picture and transport his listeners to that specific time and place is what makes this song so special.


3lo feat Atlas – “Northside Girls”

For the first 15 seconds I cannot lie, I thought I had stumbled upon an unreleased Drake record. Northside Girls is what I would like to label as the new sound of hip-hop for millennials. The lyrics describe the nightly encounters and outings of what this generation does but makes it sound ten times cooler. The joint effort in 3lo’s flawless production and Atlas’ vocals is a match made in music heaven.

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