Vibes in the City is bringing raw talent to the masses; 21-year old emcee from the burbs in Montclair, NJ J.1Da personifies versatility with tracks like “Understand” to “I’m Good”. Not many artists are comfortable with living up to being a role model, but J.1Da does not shy from the responsibility. The tall, slim framed emcee, has toured in Atlanta, Austin, TX, Miami to Boston with Lavish Jay within the past 3 years. Most notably, J.1Da opened up for Hip-Hop God Rakim at The Wellmont Theater last year. I caught up with the True Music Entertainment artist and talked about his sound and his future in Hip-Hop.

AAHH: What’s the meaning behind your name, and the spelling?

J.1DA: Originally it was spelled J Wonda, but somebody had it trademarked. So I changed the spelling to my name and the meaning is J, which is the first letter of my name, Jah-Que, the number 1 was given to me by my uncle that passed away and my friend who died 5 years ago. It means that I’m unique and one of a kind. The “D” stands for destined and the “A” stands for to achieve.

AAHH: In “Understand” you say you “finally found your lane,” what would you describe as your lane?

J.1DA: I would describe my lane as having a different impeccable cadence and flow, and being able to deliver my message in a way that youth would like, and still being able to remain myself.

AAHH: I think “AAD” shows your strong lyrical ability and flow cadence, who would you want to be compared to if we’re talking about lyrics?

J.1DA: Honestly, I wouldn’t compare myself to anyone else but me when talking about lyrics. But if we had to I would say Fabolous, Nas, Intelligent Hoodlum aka Tragedy, DMX, and Biggie Smalls.

AAHH: What do you want listeners to gain from your latest project?

J.1DA: Jack Rose, it’s an album. I want my listeners to gain from Jack Rose a positive message and recognize the storytelling and that you can overcome any obstacle.

AAHH: Your beat selection is mostly upbeat vibes, what goes into finding your sound?

J.1DA: When it comes to finding my sound it depends on how I am feeling in the moment, I also just catch a vibe depending on how the beat sounds, also the beat sometimes tells me what to say.

AAHH: What’s the biggest misconception on being an artist from New Jersey?

J.1DA: The biggest misconception about being an artist from New Jersey is being a gangster rapper who talks about the same thing over and over again, and doesn’t have the knowledge or the attitude to have a successful career.

AAHH: Is the goal to stay independent or eventually get signed?

J.1DA: I haven’t really thought about that yet, and the way the music industry is now I am not to fond of getting a record deal. For right now staying independent is cool for me, and I will cross that bridge when I get there. The ideal label would be Roc Nation, Epic, Atlantic, Good Music, Dreamville Records, and The Family.

AAHH: When’s your next event/performance?

J.1DA: My next event will be at Rutgers University, which is a concert for my album Jack Rose, and I will be in Austin, TX for South by Southwest, the A3C Festival in Atlanta, GA, the Lincoln Park, and Vibes in the City for my single release party.

AAHH: How can people contact you?

Phone: 862-766-8518
Twitter: @J1DA
Facebook: Fan Page J1DA and Jah-Que McCaskill
Snapchat: therealj1da