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Vibes In The City: Hill Musik

Vibes In The City, a premier weekly destination for live unsigned [urban] music, is continuing to grow each week. Join us each week at LaRouge Lounge located in Downtown Newark — we’d love to see you. Like we do [weekly], we chatted with a featured artist last week; check out the interview below to get to know Hill Musik!

See you Wednesday.

What up Hill Musik — where are you from?

I’m from Jersey City; born in Jersey City Medical Center, raised primarily downtown on Jersey Avenue.

Every time I see you perform, you seem to mix it up with vocals and acoustic guitar — I’ve even seen you on the drums! What to you prefer?

I try to be diverse and express myself through different mediums, however, I prefer an instrument you haven’t mentioned, and that’s piano, that’s my primary instrument. I prefer to sing and play the piano.

I also heard you were in a band; can you tell me about that?

Yes, I’m currently a member of an upcoming event band called Stay Tru. Members right now include: After Image (Drummer), Pete (Bass), Hendii (Vocalist), and I (Keyboardist & Vocalist). We’re a circle of friends who met through either church, school, and showcases who all have a musical perspective that gels with one another. We have a collective dream to do what we love for the rest of our lives and live comfortably without stress, and that love and passion is music. Not really concerned with what genre of music we play, we are here to share our experience through music to bring everyone to our world for a few minutes.

How did you hear about Vibes In The City?

I first heard about Vibes In The City through my cousin Kendra; Not too long after discovering we were family. I had already been introduced to the venue for another event that was happening on Monday nights, and I was a part of another band that was put together for that show through a great upcoming artist Johnny Culver. My cousin came out that night and checked the band and I out that night and heard me sing as well. She then told me about Wednesday night Vibes Open Mic Showcase, and how to dope it was, and it was a live band and dope artists, etc. I told her I would come check it out, and it has been all that and some. I’ve been coming ever since.

What’s next for Hill Music — and where can we find you online?

What’s next is to continue building my brand and spreading my Flow (Consciousness) and Thee Hill Müsik Experience to any and everyone who is receptive to it. Working on releasing a single soon, followed by an EP, and launching my new website. You can find me online on as well as:

Facebook music page:
Instagram: @Hill_Musik
Twitter: @Hill_Musik
Snapchat: @Hill_Musik
Soundcloud: @Hill_Musik

Internal Quest About Author

Terry Booker aka Internal Quest: charted producer, traveled emcee, techie and avid gamer by day – most nights I’m the lead engineer/producer at Jersey Sound Lab. I produced/engineered/collaborated with/for Brand Nubian, The Artifacts, Sadat-X, Craig G, General Steele ,Trick Trick, DJ Nino Brown, Rueben Toro and more. I’m an aspiring artist, part-time blogger and I find the best movies on Netflix. I’m currently working on my 2nd album We Came From Chains. I’m apart of a dope collection of emcees videographers and producers called LiFECREW and I’m also working on my 2nd Installment of Flips and Chicks – an instrumental ep with producer Craft Beatz. Check My Wikipedia. Work hard, stay humble, create.