Came across a cool artist that I [somehow] slept on back in the day. He goes by the name Ace Lover, and he’s been bubbling on the New York City [indie hip-hop] scene for a minute. The self-described “hispanglish homeboy” got his start as when he was 17 — the MC, battle rapper, and street artist released two 12″ records that made some noise. I should also not downplay that he is a serious battle head; in fact, If I’m not mistaken he was heavy on the Braggin’ Rites scene. He even battled the late PH in his heyday (check out this Vast Aire record they both appeared on). After leaving his [Music Family] imprint and signing with the Fat Beat distributed Cajo Communications, he released some records with rapper Oktober under the collective guise, 2for5. During this time (the early 00’s), he toured US and Canada and was even named one of the next 100 upcoming artists to look out for by URB magazine.

His last release, which was 2015’s self-titled Ace Lover, he dropped a stack of what he calls “visual music art” videos. His love of the arts, though, has seemed to bubble to the forefront this year, as this year is his contemporary art coming out — so to speak — after years of paying dues on the street art scene. On top of his [first] exhibition, he launched a pop-up shop where you can cop some of his pieces.”

He has a unique catalogue, and — if you’re not familiar with him –he’s worth checking out, especially if you’re a lover of straight up bred-in-NYC indie hip-hop! Start with his super dope record “Amazing Brains,” and binge on from there. You’re welcome.