Moldova-born Serge Bulat, who’s now an NYC resident, is bringing a unique blend of electronica, neo-classical, trip-hop and alternate elements and creating something truly innovative. Equally distinctive and fascinating, his forthcoming LP, Queuelbum, has probably the most original backstory we’ve heard in a while: He’s taking his listeners on a time travel inspired journey, with experimental music, visuals, and conceptual art. So strap up, and turn up your Beats headphones [bitches], this is music for speeding in a Delorian.

Divided into separate chapters — Q15 and Q 25 — he creates a representation of the future and the past. Shifting the realms of everyday music projects, Serge Bulat challenges your imagination and provides you with an original listening experience. Perfect soundscape/soundtrack for your movements this week. Add to your playlist if you’re into trying new things!