UK Hype: Hayze

Hailing from across the pond in Southampton, England, comes Hayze, who’d I’d classify as closely related to Trap. It’s funny upon my initial listen, I didn’t even notice he wasn’t from the US — that is until I realized I didn’t fully understand the geographical references he was dropping. I’ll start with some background. Coming from a poor household, Hayze notes that he focused on music as, “It was truly all I had growing up.” He refined his craft and developed a sound that is all about connecting with listeners through high-energy production, uplifting melodies, and a thought-provoking lyrical flow. His debut EP featured a random and unusual collaboration with Bizarre from Eminem’s infamous D12 crew — and a ton of gems worth multiple spins.

Also, he’s white — get over it. Some of his YouTube haters seemed to think that mattered; it doesn’t.

Now, his music is insanely quality — like, at a level that most of the big dogs in the industry are at. Production wise, he works almost exclusively with [currently] with Jojo Farinella, Multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter from the UK, who is lacing him with some of the filthiest trap beats we’ve heard in a while here at AAHIPHOP. Hayze is currently in the lab finishing off his debut full-length project but graced us with three cuts from the release. They had us open! Let’s start with the drug trafficking anthem, “Mayans! ” featuring Triggz, where he proclaims that he wants to “make enough dough to disappear like the Mayans.” The beat here is bonkers; and, we’d be surprised if you didn’t start hearing some major players in the (US) market rocking to Jojo Farinella beats. Menace is turning the UK into a go-to-market for beats. Next up, he professes his desire for girls around the globe on the record “She Whoooo.” This track is club/radio ready, so DJ’s should get up on it while it’s fresh. Lastly, “Loyalty,” is chalk full of quotable like, “They try to tell you they ain’t fake, funny, that’s what fakers say.”

Hayze is a good look, and his album — based on the samples he has chosen to share — should be a dope listen as well. His colour shouldn’t be an issue, unless he starts talking in a southern (US) accent [*cough Iggy]. Bump his latest, and stay tuned for his greatest.


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