Straight out of Louisville, Kentucky, comes 21-year-old rapper Young Havoc. He recently dropped his seven-song EP, When Pigs Fly, which is generating a ton of spins on Soundcloud. It’s all in preparation for the numerous projects he has in the pipe for the upcoming year. Get to know a little about the young rapper in the quick Q&A below.

How’d you get into music?

I got involved with music by just freestyling in class with my boys during my freshman year of high school. My homie Dillon McCluskey, who is also an artist, was like “damn man, your freestyles are pretty good — have you ever thought about getting on a track?” I’ve been cool with this dude since the 1st grade, so I figured he was playing; we went from making songs in our parent’s basements to hitting the studio for real.

Who are some of your influences?

My musical influences are Curren$y, Jay-Z, Kanye, MGK, G-Eazy, and 2 Pac. They all get me hype.

Describe your music.

My music is a couple of things but one thing I get often is catchy, and it gets stuck in your head. I’ve had people tell me they’ve been stuck singing my song all day,

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on finishing my album — When Pigs Fly, the EP, is already on Soundcloud, and I’m working on my mixtape “A Weekend With Havoc & Stoop Kid.”

What are your goals in the industry

My goals in the industry are to be the XXL freshman of the year, give back to the fans, show my city (Louisville, Kentucky) some love, create a unstoppable rap team, and to do a song with Outkast and MGK on the same track.

What do you want people to take away from your music?

As an artist, I want people to take from my music, that it’s hard — and real. I want them to have fun hearing my song; to make their day better and get them hype.

Are you looking for a major label deal?

I want to get signed to a major label, and then eventually start my label, or at least get my team on.