Hip-Hop is indeed a worldwide phenomenon; 15-year-old Germany-based femcee PaRan has been making music for close to six years now; but, Music has always been a part of her love. “Since I was like five years old, my mom listened to music non-stop. It was a lot of old school music like Elvis … but, also Hip Hop,” she tells AAHH.

“My music is sincere and emotional … the style is different to what’s popular in Hip Hop right now.” Her debut, Devastated, is a 12-song slice of surprisingly poignant bars and underground beats. Influenced by the likes of Eminem and Tupac, she’s only just getting started.

“Currently, I’m just working on new tracks and improving my skills,” she says. “I want people around the world to listen to my music, and grow a loyal fan base.” Currently doing features — and working towards live performances — her future is bright. Check out her debut, below.