For over 15 years, producer RJ Full Range has been living the dream, having landed significant placements or worked with the likes of Fox Searchlight, VH1, MTV and Death Row Records. Aside from work with platinum selling artists, he’s also worked with artists on the rise such as Compton AV, Marcus Black (Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood), Nicky D’s, Stevie Crooks, and Famous Uno. His latest venture, Full Range Beats, began in 2016 when he launched a new website to sell beats direct to clients. 

“I just wanna focus on producing music the way I wanna produce it,” he notes — explaining that this venture wasn’t meant to replace his TV or film work. “If someone in TV & film wants something I have, cool. I don’t want to chase though.” 

With his experience in tow, RJ’s production and experience runs the gambit from Hip Hop to trap. With years in the game, and constant attention paid to what’s popping on Billboard — regarding sound — RJ can get you all set up with professional instrumentals meant to enhance your songs and take them to the next level.

Check him out for yourself: