Q&A With Mr. Young

Dallas, Texas, based rapper and producer Mr.Young is bringing a unique take on the Texas vibe the game’s become accustomed too — similar to the sound popularized by artists like UGK. Mr. Young, who sonically sounds like a cross between Odd Future rhymer Earl Sweatshirt and Michael Christmas started making beats at the age of 15; a year later, he began rapping. Now 20 years old, he’s progressed tremendously, and along with his circle of friends, has formed a collective called Nature, or NTR for short.

He took a few minutes to take our AAHH Q&A recently; check out his answers below, and check out his latest visual.

Tell us about your music, bruh.

It’s very ambient and psychedelic; sometimes it’s quite mellow.

How did you get involved in music?

In all honesty, it was curiosity; I wanted to know how both rapping and beats were made and done. Slowly, I started getting better, and my passion for it grew. Life is pretty funny like that.

Who/what were some of your influences?

Off the top, Flying Lotus — he’s awesome. He makes music for Adult Swim. Along with that, DOOM, Outkast, Tribe Called Quest, and Bigge. I always go to those guys for inspiration. You can tell they just all love music at the end of the day.

What have you released?

I dropped this Free EP which I think is my best work up to date.

What are you currently working on?

The Free Album; that’s only because it makes sense.

What have been some of your biggest achievements thus far?

Getting 6 — almost 7 — thousand views on my video “Doremi.”

What are your goals in the industry?

I just want to connect with people; hopefully, build a fanbase.

What’s next for you, professionally?

Try to make dope shit and have fun!

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