Miami Rapper Video Displays Diversity On ‘Momentum’

“I got one life so I live it like I should.” —Video

Miami-based artist, Video, is no stranger to writing, being an author of three published books. With mentions on many popular sites, he seems to be picking up some steam and is en route to the next level, whatever that may be. Dripping with an airy Miami vibe, and equal amounts of  heart and street smarts, his music, much like his city, is a unique blend of influences.

His most recent release Momentum is self-explanatory regarding its purpose. Released in 2016 — and sitting at 12 songs in length — it’s a simultaneous display of diversity and lack of cohesive identity. There are a few layers to the project. There’s a focus on relationships; “Let Me Tell It,” is a detailed confession of infidelity, and “Wrap Me Up” plays the opposite side of the spectrum speaking on to women with whom he’s involved. Then there are records like “Slide Out” and “Hypeman” that have more of a club mentality/vibe; “Rootz” is a reggae-tinged record that’s made to energize the listener, while engaging them rep where they’re from. It’s one for the clubs, no question.

He hits stride on tracks like “Big Picture” and the loyalty and paranoia of “Standing In The Mirror,” which best exemplify his songwriting from a Hip Hop perspective. “9 Eleven,” a lead single from the project, is a tribute to those who passed away as a bi-product of the infamous terrorist attack and searing commentary on the Bush administration. It’s a strong lyrical performance, with sound clips of new coverage of the attacks, which add a haunting charm to the overall track.

Video definitely puts himself out there, and strives to take listeners from the house, to the car, to the club. He puts his stamp on a commendable amount of diversity, broadening his potential base of listeners. Take it for a spin; it’s an overall solid effort from the Miami artist.



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