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#AAHHTOP5WEEKLY Top 5 April 28

Welcome to this week’s edition of our #AAHHTOP5WEEKLY—a weekly showcase of hot indie hip-hop music. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, join in the conversation, and let us know your fave video! Also, be sure to send us your best videos!

Here is this week’s playlist:

Dash Flash Ft. Young Lito – Go Twitter: Twitter: @DashFlaSh‪

Philly B – Yao Ming
Twitter: @PhillyB420‪

King Myers – XXX

Domani – Playalistic Music
Twitter: @IamDomani‪

Track Seven Band – The Message
Twitter: ‪@tracksevenband

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Riley here — father, artist, videographer, professional writer and SERIOUS hip-hop head. I'm a member of the Universal Zulu Nation, and I think everything is better on vinyl. Add me on Twitter! @specialdesigns