M16 & The Full Moon Wolves

Hip-hop has changed over the years. Big industry has taken the concept of originality reigning supreme, and turned a new generation of artists into cookie cutter clones by subliminally – and explicitly – influencing acts to confirm to specific waves of popularity. As a seemingly new idea comes to light, it instantly becomes the norm. There’s hope, though; a new legion of artists are going against the grain and making some legitimately dope shit in the process. M16 & The Full Moon Wolves is one such phenomenon.

At their core, M16 & The Full Moon Wolves believe in – and promote whole-heartedly – the expression of one’s identity and personality.

What’s with the name? Here’s what they have to say:

Metaphorically, a full moon wolf is a werewolf. The wolf transforms into this mystical yet powerful creature and takes over the environment it’s in, changing it forever. 

Great explanation right? They like. It as an allusion to their live show. Their music is clean, free of derogatory and offensive language – and delivers a true message of life to listeners. In the world where negativity is promoted on an on-going basis, it’s refreshing to see, or rather, hears artists promoting positivity, encouragement, and enlightenment.

These cats are worth a few spins. Check them out below, and be sure to follow them on Twitter.

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