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Hip-Hop And Health: Making Positive Changes

“I just said to myself, ‘I don’t wanna be overweight no more. I don’t want to be out of shape; I don’t want to be at risk of passing away… I’ve got to do the right thing.” 

Fat Joe

Everyone is promoting eating healthy and working out these days. Beyoncé announced in the summer that she was on a 22 day Vegan dinner. Radio/TV host Wendy Williams stated that she was Vegan at the beginning at her Season 7 show premiere. Another stark example is Fat Joe, who dramatically changed his lifestyle after years of unhealthy eating. More recently Scarface and Rick Ross both, very openly, changed their lifestyles after a series of respective health scares. All of the aforementioned grabbed blog headlines when they debuted their new, skinnier physics. Even cats like French Montana and DJ Khalid are making healthy living and exercise a very public part of their lifestyles/personas.

 Hip-Hop And Health: Making Positive Changes

Hip-Hop And Health: Making Positive Changes

To add to the list, Jadakiss, and Styles P, from the legendary Yonkers rap trio Lox, opened up a juice bar called Juices for Life in the Bronx. It already has a solid four and a half-star rating on Yelp. “Juice bars are opening up in the hood, for our people to bring Health Awareness,” said Jadakiss. Jadakiss and Styles P have both changed their lifestyles and want their peers to do the same.

At their juice bar, they teach costumers about Cancer, Diabetes, acne, etc. They know how important it is to bring this awareness to communities that need the support. These rappers are taking the time to inspire and improve not only the environment but the health of the people who can’t afford health insurance.

I just hope that Jadakiss and Styles P continue this and build on this platform. It’s great to see musicians out of their element helping the people who have supported them for years. More (urban) celebrities need to take their lead and contribute to creating more opportunities in the neighborhoods that need it.

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