Hip-Hop TV: The World’s First Global Hip-Hip Network

P. Frank Williams is a man that you should get to know. He’s a jack of all trades when it comes to the entertainment industry. For many years, he was the editor of the Source magazine. He produced the documentary series “American Gangster” and actively produces TV One’s acclaimed “Unsung” series as well.  He won an Emmy Award for being a part of the NBC’s writing team for the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. He was also one of Pat O’Brien’s writers for his late night show. Now, Williams has a new endeavor: he’s created a 24-hour online station called Hip-Hop TV. It will have anything and everything music related, from videos to exclusive documentaries. Think of it a 24-hour, streaming World Star Hip-Hop, but with more heavily curated content.

The site was launched earlier this month during Hieroday and has been getting a lot of buzz – and love – from a who’s who of industry figure, and supporters. HipHopTV has an app and also live (online) streaming. It even has one of our favorite radio jockeys Ed Lover featured doing his “C’mon Son,” segment. The fact that this site has all these features and can even be accessed anytime on your phone is top notch.

 Hip-Hop TV: The World's First Global Hip-Hip Network 

HipHopTV is bringing together two generations of hip-hop fans. Firstly it’s for people who want to do their research on old school hip hop by digging through archived interviews and classic footage. As well, it’s built for the new generation of technology-savvy heads that like to being able to share new videos or even request new artists that they feel are in need of being showcased.

With the overabundance of opportunities this gives indies artists,  Hip-Hop TV is a fantastic look for Hip-Hop culture on a worldwide scale.  If you haven’t already, visit their website and sign-up today to be one of the first to check it out!

Hip-Hop TV: The World's First Global Hip-Hip Network 

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