Lorine Chia is making sweet noise and soulfully seducing the world of Hip-Hop. After lending an electrifying inflection to Jim Jones, The Game, and Whiz Khalifa, the LA–based singer is preparing for the release of her new EP, An Intro to Sweet Noise. She has come a long way since her debut album Lorine in 2012, coming to solidify her identity as a singer and songwriter. Drawing an emotional contrast through her latest EP, Lorine reveals her wisdom and inner appeal as an artist.

“All through the years of what I’ve come to, just shows what I’ve learned. It shows what type of music I’m into now and where I’m at in my life too. It tells a story!”
—Lorine Chia

Her collaborative work with major players in the industry illustrates her growth in the game. Her newfound range as a vocalist suggests how her music has matured in preparing for the release of Sweet Noise. She leaves her listeners with an insightful and positive message that has a unique and soulful vibe, making her one of the most buzz-worthy artists in the industry today.

You have purple lipstick on. I was hoping see you with your blue lipstick. It matches your shirt, so it works out!

I try! See my favorite lipsticks are the purple, red and the blue! I like those three!

Lorine, it appears you have a lot going on!

I’m trying man, you know I’m working!

Yeah, you have a feature with Jim Jones on “Addicted To The Game” from his latest record The Kitchen. What’s that about?

That was fun! It’s funny how it happened so randomly. Mike Will sent me a track, and he was like – “Yo! You wanna work with Jim Jones?” I was like, uh yeah why not? So he sent me a song. I heard it, and I laid my part of it in my room. Like on my USB mic on my computer. My old ass MAC computer! I sent it to him, and they loved it! Jim was like, “I want to work with her more, she sounds like Erykah Badu.” So that was dope! I didn’t even know he was going to put it out so soon. Now it’s out, and that is awesome! It was a big surprise!
Erykah Badu but a lot nicer I think!

(laughing) That’s funny! You have also collaborated with The Game and Whiz Khalifa on the 420 records release of “Two Blunts.” How did you come to work on that project?

I had just met The Game around that time. He heard my music, and he was like, “I want to meet this girl!” We went to the studio, and we just started recording. The day before 420, I already had the Two Blunts hook finished! I was like — we might as well just put this song out. It’s just collecting dust, and it’s going to be 420 so why not? All of a sudden, The Game called me, and he was like, “I want you to come to the studio tonight.” I went to the studio, played the song and then he sent it to Whiz Khalifa!

You have a new EP coming out this summer An Intro to Sweet Noise, what can you tell me about that?

Sweet Noise is going to be like my sad little whatever; you know what I mean? There is going to be an Intro to Sweet Noise part 1, 2 and 3. I thought of the name because my mom would always say to me, “stop making that noise in the house.” So I’m like OK, she called it noise, so let me just put sweet in front of it – so sweet I’m! Then people kept asking me, what genre I classify myself as? I would just tell them – well shit, I make sweet noise; you know? So I think it’s a good way to introduce people to my music! It’s a different style! People aren’t used to big vocals on trap beats. So it’s a big introduction to this whole new sound called Sweet Noise!

What would you say is the biggest difference between this album and your last album in 2012?

A lot! The production, the sound and even the way I sing! For some reason, I can sing lower and higher now. My voice is bigger! I love to stack harmonies. I didn’t play with harmonies on my first album. My first album was basically me just coming out! I was young. I was like 19 – 20 years old. Now I’m 23, and it shows in this album. All through the years of what I’ve come to, just shows what I’ve learned. It shows what type of music I’m into now and where I’m at in my life too. It tells a story!

I was reading that you were born in Cameroon! How has that influenced your music?

It was interesting how the culture shock influenced me. It was way different! I was like six years old, but people think like – oh you were six you don’t remember anything. In Africa, where I’m from, kids are raised earlier. I had responsibilities at the age of four or five years old. I had to do my laundry by hand. So every Saturday, I would wash my clothes, ready them for school and I was happy about it! I had to clean up the house. I learned how to cook. I learned how to survive and take care of myself. When I came here, I was pretty much ahead of everyone else as far as taking care of myself. And also understanding. My mind was ahead, but I was like six years old, trying to fit in with every other six-year-old.

You can hear wisdom in your music and how your experiences give you incredible insight! What’s next for you?

I want to put out this album, and I want everyone to hear it! I want people just to be like – Yo! I woke up this morning, and I listened to your music, and it made me feel better about life! That’s it! I want to go touring, sing to everyone and see how many people show up to my shows. I just want to put love out there and see how it’s reciprocated. I want to grow a bigger fan base and maybe get a budget and do this on a bigger scale. My goal is to make Sweet Noise to the point to where the whole world can hear it!