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Stay Woke: An Introduction To True Spirit

“People always try to give you advice. Do this. Do that. Stay in your lane. They’re going to try to put you in a box. We’re here to say, f*** the box.” —TS

Too many of us exist within a box; we’re free to do what we want but within the confines of lanes and specific obligations. Bay-Area native, rapper True Spirit, quickly saw his life becoming mundane before he took control and walked away from the should towards the alluring lights of the could be. In this case, it meant walking away from a nine-to-five life to follow what he perceived to be a higher calling. That also brought along with it struggles, lows, and eventually a spiritual awakening – all of which he details in his freshmen effort, the aptly titled We’re All Mad Here. The six-song EP takes us on a walk through his past, present, and future, while serving as an inspirational piece for listeners. A self-professed “leader of the new school (like a principal)” is delivering an audio pill to help pull you up out of Matrix.

Right off the rip, on the title-track [intro], he gives us insight into his world — he’s sold drugs, he’s been locked up, and he’s been through hell. He’s worked as a stripper and a model. He also opened his third eye and began to see behind the curtain (due in part to some psychedelic drug use). Over the songs “Where I Belong” and “Find The Answers,” he goes into detail about his journey — in vivid detail. He seamlessly blends EDM and hip-hop on the appropriately titled “E.D.M,” an acronym for Electronic Drug Music. The song lets the listeners follow along on a serotonin fuel trip into the world of a drug addict. He mentions in numerous places in the album that psychedelics saved him from depression. With this lens, E.D.M comes across as more of an ode than anything — high praise to a perceived savior.

If you question his commitment to music, just know that he turned down numerous opportunities to play football across the pond in favor of bringing his musical vision to life. His sound is new, fresh, and not enough of what thing to be properly categorized — which is exciting. We’re All Mad Here is an intensely personal, motivating, and entertaining introduction; and, an exciting look at what TS has in store.

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