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Lil 627 is an artist/producer out of Louisiana, and he the takes that term artist seriously. As he tells it, he’s “painting pictures of everyday life in our communities.” He feels like the world glamorizes the ‘luxuries’ of life which isn’t bad in itself, but the world also needs to focus on reality. That reality is what he’s bringing to life with every bar. As he explains it, “people have to think deeper about [luxuries] as a controlling mechanism — everyone doesn’t have the resources to live like kings. People need to focus on knowledge! To learn, you must educate yourself; to educate yourself you must open up the channels in your mind to receive that information. If that channel is just filled with distractions, then that channel would stay blocked.” That’s these types of gem that you’ll find scattered throughout his catalog of music.

Listen to Lil 627’s jazzy new single, “Stairway,” featuring vocals from singer Elan Noelle, and check his quick Q&A with AAHIPHOP below.

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Tell me about your music — describe your sound.

My sound is different; I love to experiment and try different things when it comes to making music. Every time I make a beat, I want to try something different. I love going out of my way. I try to be distinct from the sound of the industry; you know, stand out.

How did you get involved in music?

some of my family were musicians — primarily blues musicians, so I feel like it’s in my bloodline.

Who/what were some of your influences?

my influences, are Mannie Fresh, 2pac, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and also some blues musicians.

What are you working on?

I’m currently working on a new project called Politakill — it features production that’s differently from my previous music, plenty of live instrumentation.

What have you put out?

I’ve put out many of mixtapes; my latest mixtape was called 7 Chapter 2.

What are you most proud [when it comes to your music]?

That I use live music in my production. On my recent songs, you’ve heard plenty of live music such as real guitars, bass, and drums instead of electronic music. Music is better when it’s live, there’s nothing like having the actual instrument on your tracks, and that’s what takes away from music nowadays; many producers want to use the computerized VSTs instead of real instruments.

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