After a 2020 that included four new singles, Long Beach MC Jaywop releases his first project since 2019’s 1217Suede. Perhaps taking a cue from Kanye West’s acclaimed seven-song project run (that included Pusha-T’s Daytona), the EP sits at seven tracks including “Screen Door” and “Big Bad”. 

Suede also boasts features from Innanet James, Jade Amar, Livt, Mallie and much-lauded underground phenom Deante’ Hitchcock on the project’s lead single “Gold.”

“To me, Suede was evolution… I finally feel like I have reached that point in my artistry where I’m comfortable in myself as an artist, as well as a man—it’s gotten to the point to where I feel as if that comfort exudes me,” Jaywop explains via statement.

“I took strides on this project that I’ve held myself back from for years. As I began this project, I had just moved to California and started over, I just felt it was time to really jump without that parachute and see if I could fly.”

Jaywop’s Suede EP is available for streaming everywhere.