Five Female Artists You Need To Bump ASAP

I‘ve been pulling together these weekly playlists, but I wanted to do something different this week. I wanted to start a new series for a few weeks to shine some light of the female emcees that have been getting a crazy amount of burn on my iPhone. Special shout out to everyone who’s been sharing your top picks with me on Twitter — I see you!

All five of these ladies should be on your radar — if they aren’t already.

Suni MF Solomon

I’ve been showing love to this ATL upstart for a little while now, but she needs a spot on your playlist and way more credit than she’s currently getting, frfr. All her music a certain energy about it that just draws me in — I can’t explain it, but if she’s dropping I’m coppin. She has a cool look, tons of high-quality videos, and bars (on bars). Recommended listening to get you started are “Fake Atlanta Shit” and her remake of Queen Latifah’s “Just Another Day.” Press play.

Nezi Momodu

Ok, so when I asked my followers to help me out with the hottest female artists out right now, I legit got about 100 tweets telling me that I’m dumb for not automatically thinking of Nezi Momodu; she’s one part poet, one part singer, and one part cypher ready Emcee. Her debut LP seasons is a little of everything, and a super cool cover to cover listen — don’t let the 27-song track-list scare you away. Check out one of my fave tracks on the project.

Mosca Flux

Mosca Flux is a hustler, real talk. She wears many hats as a model, seasoned event host — shit, even a talk show host. But, she’s super nice with this Hip Hop music, too. The North Carolina-based rapper is savage in a cypher, and has this raw energy about her; you can check out the interview I did with her a while back to learn a little more about what’s she’s all about, and take a look at one of her latest visuals.


Gav is far from underrated, but far from fully appreciated. She tours the world dropping bars dripping with that Hip Hop swag the older heads like me grew up on. She also has this deep and (slightly) raspy delivery that stands out on top of her impeccable ear for beats. She’s a cool, Hip Hop loving weed head that deserves some spins. Her catalog is hella nice, too. Give her a spin — and check this OG interview I did with her.

Rico Nasty

This young DMV artist has so much star potential — it’s nuts. I first came across her after she sat down with Genius to chat about her track “Poppin,” which surpassed a million spins on Spotify (the place where it matters most). I’ve since been keeping an eye on what she’s been up to. If you’re not up on her, definitely check her out; she’s part of that new class that exists on the cusp of going to the next (next) level.

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