Ano Ba, formerly known as MPYRE, has appeared here on AAHH a few times now; the last time we took a thorough listen to the Chicago alt-rap artist, we broke down his eight-song EP TWO STOCK. Now, over a year later, he has a new name, new focus, and a new album on the way.

While we wait, he’s hit us with a summer-tinged loosey, “Slide On Me” produced by New York-based beatsmith Rrarebear. One part early 90s R&B loop, one part melodic vibe, Ano shines with his unique brand of nerd-core, albeit a little less melancholy than some of his usual undertones of mental illness.

His wordplay is crazy and packed with all types of references, from Pokemon to Carly Rae Jepsen. “Been off the lean, Imma tilt perspective, get introspective, see your reflection, love your imperfections, that’s resurrection,” he raps, bobbing and weaving on the smooth flow of the instrumental.

Fresh off the heated summer season, and as we troop into fall, the song is a perfect addition to your movement music playlist. Give it a spin.


#IndieFeature: MPYRE – TWO STOCK