A shy guy in person but an open book in his music is how Hollywood alternative hip-hop artist FayBN would describe himself. His music, which is infused with catchy sing-song hooks, has an inescapable undertone of faith and betterment. “Self-glory is never the aim,” FayBN points out; he’s a Christian who wants to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to his fellow rejects and outcasts of the young generation.

His latest record, “X-Girlfriend,” is a relatable narrative of a stage 4 clinger who–in this storyline–uses threats of death to try and keep the relationship together. It’s bouncy and has a melodic hook–the screams of the girl gives added depth; “If you dare walk out you die tonight,” she cries as FayBN leaves–following the call of a higher purpose at the end of the second verse.

Give the record a spin, and if you’re into it, check out more from FayBN on his Bandcamp.