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Reverse Mechanic Opens Up On ‘Hole In My Throat’

“This hole in my throat lets you see my inside better than any x-ray or MRI could ever reveal.”

Minneapolis has its share of alt-hip-hop royalty, most notably the iconic Atmosphere, who are now entering 20 years in the game. Reverse Mechanic is hoping to follow the same vein; and as far as putting yourself into your music, It doesn’t get more transparent than “Hole In My Throat,” which is the seventh release from his “The Mixed Ape” project. The project has focused on releasing new content monthly, but he’s struck a chord with this one.

From dealing with depression, the uncomfortable vulnerability of ‘sharing,’ insecurity and–later in the record–watching his father overcome the [same] cancer that took his uncle. Amidst the larger than life hook by Michael Shynes that ride the piano driven beat, the message is clear: transparency, bearing your soul, being yourself, and being free. It’s interesting watching teh video how the actual atmosphere of it matches the ideology of the track perfectly. The fact he’s talking to an empty auditorium–for example–further amplified that this song feels like either a direct performance for you to experience, or that your being let into a visual page of his diary. It’s mad real.

It’s not often that you get an opportunity to learn about the artist you’re listening to–that’s some 90s shit. In a singles-driven industry focused on commercialization, this type of brazen openness isn’t considered a safe bet. It’s a brave record, and likely quite liberating for him as an artist. Check out the song video for yourself–and look out for the remixes. “The song will be released three separate times in three separate genres with changing lyrics and music, but all versions of the song will have the same message: be real, be open, and be honest,” RM tells AAHH. We’re in.


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