Back again with your weekly Vibes in the City Weekly Round UP! As usual, there was a good crowd that consisted of pretty good men to women ratio. It is good to see both sexes come out, hang and have a good time together. The atmosphere this week seemed to be overwhelmingly positive. Audience interaction and reaction is extremely important. Even if an artist appears to be somewhat “unpolished” the crowd at Vibes In the City is still super supportive and encouraging. Which can make even the most nervous performer feel comfortable? Nerves didn’t appear to be an issue for the new-comers that took the stage! First-time guests such as the OneParadigm and JL the Kid appeared to be comfortable while performing. For being a relatively “new” showcase, Vibes In the City has done an amazing job with solidifying themselves in the underground music scenes of Newark. I’m excited to see Vibes in The City grow each week as the summer progresses.

Meanwhile, I got the chance to sit and talk with Dez, a Jersey Native and Vibes in The City regular performer. On Wednesday night she took the stage to perform solo as well as with her crew LHIT. Take a look at our conversation below.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @Dez.LHITENT and check out her SoundCloud (DezFromDaBrickz).

Lex: So Dez, are you from around here?

Dez: Yeah, Jersey born and raised. I’ve lived in Newark, East Orange, and Irvington.

Lex: Every time I’ve seen you perform you’re by yourself, but you have a crew of people as well? Can you explain to that to me a little more?

Dez: We’re a group of individual artists. So we each separately do our own thing, but then we can come together and make music.

Lex: Oh that’s cool! So what are you guys called?

Dez: LHIT (Lyrical Homicide Is The Trend). We grew up freestyling because we got tired of the “popcorn” music everybody was making.

Lex: Do you or LHIT have any upcoming projects?

Dez: I have my individual mixtape, LHIT Season coming out soon. There are a couple of collabs with the crew on there.

Lex: What’s your favorite part about Vibes In the City?

Dez: My favorite part about Vibes in the City, is the vibes! As an artist we feed off energy — and aura is very important as well.