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Vast Aire And Cosmiq Give Fans A Taste Of The New LP

It takes a great deal of confidence to walk into the fold of a group like Canibal Ox, whose LP…

It takes a great deal of confidence to walk into the fold of a group like Canibal Ox, whose LP The Cold Vein stands as one of the most widely heralded pieces of New York City underground Hip-Hop. That wasn’t at all a problem for producer Cosmiq—formally known as Bill Cosmiq.

“I linked up with Vast Aire years ago through a mutual friend, Taj Hotep,” he told AAHH back in 2015. “The first track we released was Royal Purple Bag off of Vast’s A Space Iliad EP. After that, Can Ox and I continued to connect and work on some records.”

They then released the full-length effort Blade Of The Ronin—produced entirely by Cosmiq. “I let things come naturally, and the compositions started developing an intense cinematic edge,”’he said of LP’s tone.

Now—two years later—Vast Aire and Cosmiq are collaborating on a new LP, Aireplane, which will pair the two as a duo (à la Guru and Premier). As his team explained to AAHH, the project “balances cerebral concepts with witty and entertaining wordplay.”

The album is coming soon on the IGC Records imprint; in the meantime—to tide fans over—they’ve dropped the first single from the project, “Dark Metropolis,” a piano-driven heater, sprinkled that signature sound that Can Ox fans have come to hold so dear.

Check out the new track, below, and keep an eye out for the new LP—right here on AAHH.

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Did Denzel Curry’s Ta13oo live up to its hype? (mostly)

During the week of July 23rd, Denzel Curry (aka Ultimate Denzel Curry aka Zeltron aka Aquarius Killer aka Denny Cascade…

During the week of July 23rd, Denzel Curry (aka Ultimate Denzel Curry aka Zeltron aka Aquarius Killer aka Denny Cascade aka the Black Metal Terrorist) dropped his long-awaited album, Ta13oo.

According to Curry’s Twitter, he waited 13 months to drop the project that had been ready for the shelves since 2017, building up hype and making multiple public statements on the state of Hip Hop culture during the interim. Ta13oo serves as a follow up to the well-received album Imperial which was first released as a free album on Soundcloud and then tweaked for major distribution in 2016.

When news came that Curry’s album was going to drop the Carol City emcee claimed that it would be a game-changing album designed to shake up the rap world. To further differentiate himself from other artists he dropped the album in three parts (or acts) on three different days. Each act was labeled Light, Gray, and Dark respectively. And as if this wasn’t enough of a statement in itself, Curry further promoted his album by dropping the highly sophisticated single and video “CLOUT COBAIN | CLOUT CO13AIN” a week prior; a song that is designed to be an introspective and critical examination of dangerous trends in Hip Hop and the commoditization of the modern artist.

Upon my first listen I was surprised to hear how different this album was compared to Curry’s previous work. Act One: Light, packs in his smoothest and most positive songs at the head of the album; leaving the listener unprepared for the dark turn it quickly makes. And while the title track that opens act one is a sad love song that drones about a girl who has suffered abuse and touches on the idea of our society’s taboos, it hails in darkness compared to supercharged songs like “BLACK METAL TERRORIST” that finish out the album. Act Two holds some very impressive bangers reminiscent of Imperial’s first version, including my favorite track “MAD I GOT IT,” which describes envy from different perspectives while stomping over a bass heavy, head pounding instrumental produced by pop outlet Hippie Sabotage and Finatik N Zak.

Unfortunately, at this point in the project, a lot of songs sounded very familiar. If you were on the edge of your seat waiting on this project to drop like I was, you know that most songs were released as singles even before acts One Two and Three came out. In fact, six of the project’s 13 songs were dropped beforehand which made the scattered album drop feel awkward and spread out; especially since each four-song act dropped separately in the midst of all these singles. On Friday the 27th every single and act were reverted back to one album on all major streaming platforms and remain that way now.

Despite its awkward and fragmented release, Ta13oo is a much better listen when similar to grayscale with Denzel’s anger and social commentary growing more and more intense as it progresses; eventually combining to become a dark, dark album. Zeltron fans probably expected this after his EP, 13, dropped last summer, giving us six tracks of absolute insanity. The EP was hyper-aggressive in production as well as lyricism with songs like “Hate Government” and “Heartless,” that foreshadowed Ta13oo’s approach and sound.

The project does shift gears away from Denzel’s older music, especially my favorite Curry project to date: Planet Shrooms. Planet Shrooms was a bold and experimental project that used unconventional beats and vocal distortion to display its psychedelic themes and imagery. It sounds like a rap album from the future- with imagery describing drive by’s on hoverboards, green colored guns, and an obsession with the year 2077. This EP was also stacked with features from some of Curry’s go-to guys like JK the Reaper and Nell who added some of the project’s most memorable bars and supported Denzel’s phonkiest, most out there tracks. Much of the production also included live instrumentation which really made it stand out and feel extremely advanced for a free project released on Soundcloud- where it remains exclusively today.

The HiphopDX community rated Ta13oo a bit above 4.5/5, and overall the project has been very well received by fans and reviewers. I think this album did live up to its hype and will age better than 2018’s other notable releases because of its lyrical complexity and flawless production. Stream the album today and check out the provocative video for “Clout Cobain” if you haven’t already.

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The Aztext – “Everyday Sun”

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DJ D Glove & Larry Gordon Drop “Good Time” Video

It’s unique for an artist to be able to honestly describe their current release cycle as an authentic learning experience,…

It’s unique for an artist to be able to honestly describe their current release cycle as an authentic learning experience, but for singer Larry Gordan, his affiliation with HBCU Records is just that. A fully functioning student-run record label at the Mike Curb Institute at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida, HBCU is helping groom a whole new generation of A&R’s, executives, and entrepreneurs in the city, while helping Gordan — a star on the rise — get his name out the masses.

Having recently wrapped a tour with Akon’s Konvict Kartel, the talented singer’s latest single “Good Time,” a collaboration with DJ D Glove, a Florida-based Army veteran, is a bop and a half. Having hit countless stages across the country, entertained icons, and had his music appear on both television and the big screen — including having his song played on an episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta — Gordan is putting in the groundwork for success.

Check out the official visual for “Good Time,” below.

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