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Vast Aire And Cosmiq Give Fans A Taste Of The New LP

It takes a great deal of confidence to walk into the fold of a group like Canibal Ox, whose LP The Cold Vein stands as one of the most widely heralded pieces of New York City underground Hip-Hop. That wasn’t at all a problem for producer Cosmiq—formally known as Bill Cosmiq.

“I linked up with Vast Aire years ago through a mutual friend, Taj Hotep,” he told AAHH back in 2015. “The first track we released was Royal Purple Bag off of Vast’s A Space Iliad EP. After that, Can Ox and I continued to connect and work on some records.”

They then released the full-length effort Blade Of The Ronin—produced entirely by Cosmiq. “I let things come naturally, and the compositions started developing an intense cinematic edge,”’he said of LP’s tone.

Now—two years later—Vast Aire and Cosmiq are collaborating on a new LP, Aireplane, which will pair the two as a duo (à la Guru and Premier). As his team explained to AAHH, the project “balances cerebral concepts with witty and entertaining wordplay.”

The album is coming soon on the IGC Records imprint; in the meantime—to tide fans over—they’ve dropped the first single from the project, “Dark Metropolis,” a piano-driven heater, sprinkled that signature sound that Can Ox fans have come to hold so dear.

Check out the new track, below, and keep an eye out for the new LP—right here on AAHH.

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