The six is dripping with talent–Tory Lanez and Jazz Cartier are the tip of the the iceberg. Case and point, The MC i, who recently popped up on the scene with his record “Kno Dats Me.” Dripping in “Bacardi Slang,” the single–and high quality [crew assisted] video–give an exciting look at what the artist has to offer. With a style sensibility that more leans towards a gentlemanly vibe of someone like Jidenna rather than a more street rapper, his sing-songy flows and distinctive look are intriguing. With a night time vibe, and little biographical content out there [he’s new], he has a mystique that currently exists. I can’t put my finger on whether he’s a street rapper or not–but his lyrical content suggests he’s not a cat to take lightly.

At the end of the day–I know nothing about this kid, but I’m feeling this first impression enough to keep it locked. Give the video a look for yourself–and if you feel the same let me know; better yet, mash the share button.