Texas rapper and producer Tae Z knows the hustle is real. Following the release of Not Enough Time in 2015, which he moved hand to hand, he released The Descent, his first official LP, which helped him to build some regional momentum. Gaining notoriety with his experimental approach, he’s been able to perform alongside acts like King Magnetic, Cali Agents, Jus Allah, Luck & Lana, Kap Kallous and Sahtyre just to name a few.

The COMPLEX RETALIATION—his most recent project—really saw him coming into his own, and setting the tone for what’s to come. “My goal is to reach as many people as I can with the message that you don’t need to wait for anything,” he says when discussing the bigger picture. “You are unique and are capable of anything; Control your destiny and look at the outcome.”

Check out his SoundCloud page and get familiar with his music; Here’s one of our fave tracks he recently released.

Check his website: desertghodtaezu.com