ORLANDO, FL – Most rappers who enter the game do so with meager beginnings and big dreams of making it big someday. Their songs tend to mirror those dreams – lyrics laced with descriptions of expensive cars, parties on yachts and hundred dollar bills.

But when Giulio4 raps about those things, it isn’t out of a desire for dreams unattained – he’s rapping about a lifestyle he’s enjoyed after years of hard work have led to multiple successful businesses and rewards for a life of perseverance. His newest mixtape, “Unreasonable Doubt2,” is a testament to that journey.

“It’s a project that provides a journey laced with unprofaned lyrics and unprecedented beats that challenge some of the top billboard artists today,” Giulio4 said. “All my music is authentic. I’m not making up a bunch of stuff I haven’t done, or making up things that I haven’t lived. The things I rap about are all things I’ve done. My name is my name out here. My reputation is solid. My lyrical ability is not your common southerner. The content is deeper and it shows different facets and varieties of the kind of music I can make.”

Giulio4 said “Unreasonable Doubt2” features 17 songs, with one outro. The majority of the songs are originals from him, with a couple of remixes thrown in for good measure. There are also a couple of songs that feature other artists including, JohnniCinco, Pope and Skooly (from 2Chains).

“I explore a lot of different music styles with this mixtape,” Giulio4 said. “Previously my music has just been about rap, but with this one I do more singing and play with some vocal sounds in production. You can hear me trying out different varieties to see what might fit. I explore a lot on this album.”

That’s a strategy that has worked for him in more ways than just through music. Giulio4 is a successful businessman because he’s willing to explore different money-making options and to take calculated risks. His previous business was renting exotic cars in South Florida, though he has since sold his portion of that business. He also currently has a business called Alkene Enterprises in which he specializes in Bitcoin trading.

He said the secret to his success isn’t some magic pill or lucky star – it’s the result of hard work and perseverance. And it’s a tale he wants to share with listeners of his music so that he can inspire others to reach for their dreams, as well.

“I make music more or less to motivate people,” he said. “I want to encourage people to get into new areas of life. Don’t limit yourself. I came from nothing, and if I can do it, anybody can do it. You just have to have ambition and be patient. If nothing else, my music can be a motivational tool for people to get them back on track for their ambitions.”

Fans who want to check out “Unreasonable Doubt2” can do so on LiveMixTapes.com, or on WorldStar. Fans can also follow him on Facebook @iamgiulio4, or on Instagram @giulio4official.