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Stay Warm With OVO’s Fall/Winter Collection

“Drake is an unsung hero. He puts everything that he has into something that doesn’t necessarily make any money at all. It loses money every year,”
– Khatib.

October’s Very Own is a group consisting of Oliver, Niko, and Drake, who work together and also have birthdays in the same month (October) thus the name, October’s Very Own. Drake’s best friend also producer/engineer, Noah “40” Shebib is a part of OVO although his birthday is in April. The “October’s Very Own” clothing brand that is Drake’s line of owl-branded apparel and collaboration gear was born from the minds of Drake and his tour manager Oliver El-Khatib. Oliver rarely gives interviews; and, although he’s helped turn OVO into a global brand, he prefers the spotlight to be on the artist.

The brand is more than just Drake’s label wear. It’s been venturing into collaborations with Roots (think of them as Canada’s Gap), low-key tees with Nepenthes, and Drake’s recent work with Jordan Brand. Since its inception in 2011, OVO has become a pop-culture behemoth.

But amidst all this, Drake continued to devote time to his hometown (and kind-of-employer) NBA franchise, the Raptors. But fall is Drake’s time. OVO has had collaborations with video game company Capcom while they were opening a dedicated OVO brick and mortar flagship. Located in the 6 – the shop opened its doors on Dec. 6, 2014. The store kicked things off with a new collection called “6God” to honor the event, but they didn’t stop there. They then dropped yet another Canada Goose collaboration that brought along another new assorted collection of OVO pieces. It’s at this point that OVO began releasing seasonal lookbooks.

Evolving in leaps and bounds, the latest from OVO is upon us. Designed with a simple approach aside from the great gold “OVO” branding, the range primarily revolves around tracksuits. The selection of gear keeps it simple through basic silhouettes – like hooded sweatshirts, crewnecks, and T-shirts – with a baseball cap also included in the mix. You can check the diverse collections of October’s Very Own on their new OVO fall winter lookbook.

Stay Warm With OVO's Fall/Winter Collection
Stay Warm With OVO's Fall/Winter Collection

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