Hip-hop doesn’t always have to be so serious! Sometimes it can literally be a therapeutic exercise, or a group of friends just flexing some skill and passing the time. Whether serious or not, some of the most emotional, influential and timeless hip-hop of all time has been literally devoid of commercial influence or bureaucratic/business motivation. It can be as simple as just making do music – and we’re always listening here at AAHIPHOP.

On that note, meet Mr.Young!

With a flow that puts us in mind of Sweatshirt Earl, Mr. Young – member of the Nature collective recently dropped a short and sweet EP. That’s no exaggeration either, it clocks in at just under five minutes. Truth be told, it it’s more of a two song maxi-single, with two actual songs: Bored II and Address. He describes it as something made out of boredom. again, that’s not made up. He actually wrote that on his Soundcloud page. We see through him, though; these songs show lots of potential, and the production on the latter track, Address, shows how serious he really is. It also creates some interest in his Nature crew, which also consists of Kennedy Productions, Aamir Desai, J.Jackson and DJDJ.

Check out his tunes below.