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Staalin: Keeping It Hip-Hop

“I feel I can go toe to toe with any rapper on any level bar for bar.” —Staalin

Toronto rapper Staalin is looking to let the world know that not all artists from the city sound like — or support — Drake. “F**k Drake and anybody who sounds like him, ” he defiantly states off the jump on his record “Grand Entrance,” is the first single off the IK3 – Man Of Steel album, his first project in five years. He’s quick to let listeners know that the song is not a diss track; “Its main purpose is to remind artists and listeners [of Rap music] what the art is actually about,” he notes. “This song is meant to show everyone in Toronto and the world that you don’t have to follow that generic formula of making music to sound good and achieve success. Find your style, flow and delivery. Drake has his.”

Having worked with Drake in the past — as well as superstars like Mistah Fab and Raekwon protégée JD Era — it’s easy to take his word on that. He’s been ripping through the underground scene with a willingness to take an emcee test that’s thrown at him. Take a listen to the new record — and if you’re feeling it — mash the share button and check out the rest of his catalogue.


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