Self-destined ‘cinerap’ artist — who combine film elements into his music — Paulie Gwap recently released a new record called “Trill.” The was recorded [well] over a year ago and stashed away until now. Featuring Fat Caesar and TrueLex and produced by “Tristan on the track,” the song is about not being afraid to show people who you are. It’s quite intriguing as the beat and title suggest a sort of stereotypical experience, yet delivers quite the opposite. The track is a profession of positivity and a shedding of distinct “rap conventions” that many of today’s feel confined to and obligated to portray lyrically. “The song shows that we start out as followers at a young age, but as we get older, we slowly discover who we truly are as a person,” says Paulie when discussing the record. “We mature and become leaders in our [own] lives and sometimes for others.”

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