Shah Is On Some Next Level Stuff

F*ck a label — Independent is the new major, TBH. Shah is an excellent example; after rising to online notoriety after releasing a series of self-funded visuals that raked in six figures plus, he’s most recently be crowned one of the Top 10 Desi Rappers in the world. No small feat. The Toronto upstart has — for lack of a better term — insane videos. To call them mesmerizing would not fully do them justice. His most recent release, Pay Day 71, which refers to refers to females earning only 71% of the pay that males make, is no different. Overhead shots of a helicopter, gorgeous women, and piles of money — it’s impressive as hell.

He has bars — above all. Aside from all the hip-hop bravado, he speaks on social issues like the gender wage gap, police brutality, and his fight against ISIS. He’s more than worth delving into. Check out Pay Day 71 below, and also we’re including Riding shotty With God, which is one of the most creative videos we’ve seen all month!

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