“I just want to be myself and make the art that I feel like making. Hopefully, that in itself will inspire other people to do the same.”

–$cotti Bishop

$cotti Bishop is hailing from a small town right outside of sunny Sacramento in North Cali. His debut EP “Shadow Boxing,” recorded under his old pseudonym, Excide, was laced with stacks of “rappity raps,” as he likes to put it; but, his latest music is a strong departure. With a background that includes numerous battles, his latest studio efforts are more melodic, thought out pieces — more timeless bodies of work. With his new EP set to drop on iTunes and Spotify this month, the future is looking bright for this youngster. Make sure you check out $cotti on SoundCloud and join the movement.

Check out his latest track, “Bulletproof,” the perfect addition to your late-night movements playlist. Also, homie has opinions; take a look at some of his videos on his YouTube, where he discusses such topics as Drake’s spot in the game and whether [or not] Eminem is overrated.