Our second Fire Friday Playlist is made up of some great undiscovered and discovered talent that we think you’ll enjoy. Want the chance to be featured on next week’s playlist? Follow us on Twitter @AboverAverageHH and tweet us out a link using the hashtag #FireFridayPlaylist! We’ll take a listen, and you might just find yourself on next week’s playlist.

IAmShakespear- “For You”

“For You” brilliantly samples Erykah Badu’s “On My Mind, Just In Time” (so it automatically deserved a spot on this week’s list) Laced with violins and pianos the track has a smooth vibe almost classy feel. You can’t help but to listen and relate to IAmShakespear’s lyrical delivery about the “hate you but I love you” struggle that relationships go through on the regular.

Capital Ode- “Wake Up”

“Wake Up” by Capital Ode is they type of song you throw on in the car and just vibe out to. The guitar and Ode’s flow help contribute to the laidback style.

Marr Grey – “Too High For Conversation”

Marr Grey’s single “too High For Conversation” is off his latest mixtape Basement 24. His confident delivery and flow pairs well with his effortless singing which gives the track versatility. The trippy instrumentals intertwined with background vocals provides listeners with an out of body experience.

Smook Deville X Victorious Vic (TimeOut Productions) – “Just A Matter Of Time”

Deville and Vic remind me what Hip-Hop is all about with “Just A Matter Of Time”. Sampling Lisa Shaw’s “Matter of Time”, Deville shines with his lyricism.

Tory Lanez – “For Real”

“For Real” I believe is just one out of the many Summer Sixteen anthems we’ve been waiting for. An auto-tuned Tory Lanez gives us a catchy hook over blaring beats. He then slows things down a bit on the outro and take us on a quick journey of self-refection.