Robby Betts Has The It Factor

Hailing from DC, Robby Betts is a hip hop artist with an unmistakable amount of quality surrounding him. From his fantastic website, his radio-ready music to his photography, he’s one of the most well put-together indie artists we’ve seen in a while. His whole package almost gives me more questions than anything–“where is this cat from, and how come I’ve never heard of him,” is one that comes to mind. His latest record, “Bow To The King,” is a take on the Eddie Murphy classic, complete with gorgeous women, a helicopter, [vehicular] eye-candy, and a throne, it’s a banger. Why aren’t more people up on this? Labels this is a freebie–sign this kid.

Robby Betts, signed to G-2 Entertainment, is an A&R’s dream–check out the visual below, and let us know if you agree!

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